Accurate End of Evangelion subtitles

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Re: Accurate End of Evangelion subtitles

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Postby Sizumeru » Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:03 am!PGQkVKQS!__s7J6FDWX20 ... AezhXfNtGA Heres some EOE subs I've made for the Blu-ray rip. Its a mix of different sources, mainly Sephriotic and Manga and has alterations to typesettings. The thing that makes this subtitle track distinct is that I have actually gone through the trouble of trying to subtitle the mid credits scene, which is quite challenging. I am mainly using the Red Cross book as a guide since that has the production staff in the back of the book. Since I'm just one guy here who's doing everything in regards to the credits section, it means that mistakes are likely to slip through the cracks, so I would like some help from you Evageeks. :) I like having the production staff subbed as it makes it feel just that more complete.

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