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Re: Eva Anatomy & Physiology: 2018 Edition

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Postby Cae Lumis » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:58 am

I... tried... mounting the Entry Plug on an angle. However, interesting things happened as a result:


As you can see, even using Rebuild's 80m Unit-01, both the 12m and 20m Entry Plugs don't just go *over* the location of the Core, they burst straight out of the Evangelion itself... which has some really fun implications for the TV Version's 40m version of an Evangelion come to think of it...

Is there any way the issue of where exactly the Entry Plug occupies the interior of an Evangelion be reconciled with the dimensions of it?

Update: Whoops, forgot to actually display the 10m Entry Plug in that diagram, instead only showing the 12m Plug I was toying with. I have since updated the image to include the 10m Plug and modified the above text to reflect what the image originally showed, and... it just *barely* fits at a 35-degree angle.

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