Was Yui nearly as bad as Gendo?

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Re: Was Yui nearly as bad as Gendo?

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Postby ZQFMGB » Thu Sep 06, 2018 1:56 pm

Yeah, it makes more sense. Still, I find it hard to believe that Yui, generally described as a nice person and a loving mother, let HIP occur... okay, she did so that Shinji could undo it, but it's really a cold reasoning...
well, I guess being stuck in a giant cyborg's core and used as a killing machine can damage your mind to some degree. That'd also explain why she acted like some kind of carnivorous ape when in Berserk mode and why she thought leaving her shell-shocked son on a scorched planet was a good idea.
Nerv is recruiting new employees ! Check the list below to see what are the required competences for each job !

Commander : being as unexpressive as possible and doing a perfect "Gendo pose".
Vice Commander : looking constipated.
Operations director : hurling orders which have 95% chances of failing.
Chief scientist : looking amazed and puzzled when something goes wrong with an Eva.
Bridge operator : saying what's going wrong with an Eva and which emergency procedure isn't working.
Therapist : thera what ?

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