Is there a thing as diving too deep?

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Is there a thing as diving too deep?

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Postby Hark » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:39 am

A thought crept into my mind one night as i was browsing these forums.
After reading over some of the posts that went over "why would a character/s do this?" , "how could this character/s do this?" , "what kind of disability do these characters have?" or something of the like, but not limited to these.

After seeing on occasion of the hostility and fervor for the support of these characters and the defense of the arguments made on there behalf or against them, Is great on both parts , it shows passion to a certain degree for or against the character in question.
It allows people to try and understand why and how they may potentially do a certain action or not.

As far as i can see the characters that i am referring to are our lovely three heroes Asuka, Shinji and Rei , but not limited to them.
i understand that many of people care for these characters and feel some way attached to there story and what they go through,
and feel very passionate about them and there struggles from day to day.
I too sympathize/ empathize with them (i know i am being vague on which ones)
despite i cannot speak for all of you out on the forums, only myself.

But i have come to ask a question for those that wish to converse in a potentially "philosophical" topic , as per how the show is with its deep philosophical topics and what not , it seems only fitting to have one as a question.

Is there a thing as diving too deep into the ,hows and whys of a persons Psyche despite if its a character or not ?

So as far as questions go lets number them and you guys/gals can answer them if you all so should choose. i would very much enjoy to know what you all on the forum think of these questions.

1)- Is there a thing as diving too deep into the inner workings of someones mind? (real or not) and if so is it Dehumanizing /making them akin to a object?

2)- Is it right to know how a particular person works mentally? and if so with that knowledge does that make the holder of the knowledge superior to them?

3)- If one would know how a person/ people would react based on how they work mentally in given situations,(lets say a genius in the field of psychology(as in this person is spot on and makes our current understanding look like small potatoes)) would life with people be worth living? or would it feel like to be living with a robot in the conventional sense of input = output except on a bigger more complex scale.

4)- If you did "dive too deep into someones psyche" and uncovered something that you did not want to know , whatever it could/would be , would you take it back and wished you could un-remember it?

5)- Is there ever grounds to say "its just them" , "its how they work" , "there human too" or something of the like , to show that is unnecessary to delve too far in why they did what they did / did not do and why they felt that way ?

6)- Is it not better to find out why someone does what they do and how they feel by talking to them/ having a heart to heart , instead of making theorems and assumption as to why and or if they have a disorder?

7)- Are people with "disorders" an a exception to all the questions on the list? and if so why ?

8)- in your personal view (in your heart of hearts ) would you feel ok of someone judging/ analyzing every action, reason ,why , why not and emotion you have? just so they can "understand" you.

9)- would you allow people to constantly analyze others to such a degree? and if so why?

10)- can psychology come to such an advancement that the understanding of it can make "free will" nonexistent? and if so is it right or do we need to draw a line in the sand somewhere as to maintain our humanity?

11)- Does it not mean more to get to know someone for who they are instead of seeing why they are?

12)- Is it right to do all of the above to fictional characters? ones that we are particularly fond of?
characters that we are brought along with through every trial and tribulation? whilst the show trying to convince us "the viewers" that they are or not worth our sympathy and empathy, just as real people do?

13)- Do you have any of your own questions, concerns, remarks, criticism about this? if so please do not hesitate to reply :D

and with that i wish to know everyone's opinion! this is a space for discussion , dare i say "no one is wrong here" ,but at the same time please keep all of your burning passions to a medium to low heat on the stove of your heart , there are other threads to proclaim on why someones wrong for "something" about "something else" im sure of it :D
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Re: Is there a thing as diving too deep?

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Postby fukuda » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:21 am

It certainly is really retarded to focus extensively on a subject of which there is no designated value in. Knowing everything about a character, would certainly give you a bad image. Knowing everything about a person, on the other hand, makes you a thorough studier of people, most likely a psychopath.

Knowing everything about an individual being represents a form of malicious intent, I believe. Knowing everything about a fictional character represents a quality that would be related to malice.
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Re: Is there a thing as diving too deep?

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Postby ShonHam » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:30 pm

I hold it as fact that there is such a thing as that. Everyone in the world has parts of their mind that would be incredibly discomforting for themselves to peer into, let alone a person completely seperate from them. I don't think it's necessarily dehumanizing so much as it is incredibly disturbing to see someone go to such lengths to investigate a person, it's severe obsession.
Although, it really depends on the people in question and what their situation is. For example, if it is your job to analyse people's mental states to make sense of it - I believe that to be alright. A parent wanting to know signs of distress from their child and what is troubling them? In some respects, that's "alright" too. I go under the belief that fictional characters can be investigated further than people within the real world can with it being less concerning, although things should be left open for the fans to speculate on as a means of conversation and adding to the fact that we don't always get to know everything about people we meet.
However, it's very select individuals that you could without a doubt say are right in knowing one's mental workings, they need to be obligated by something quite substantial such as the examples listed above.

While typing this out, the idea of dissecting a character down to the smallest detail to know more about the writer of that character came to mind. It sounds kinda creepy when you think about it that way. We as a species are too curious for our own good hahaha
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