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Kept you waiting, huh?
Kept you waiting, huh?
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Re: [Fic] SSD's fanfics and stuff.

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Postby Sailor Star Dust » Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:22 am

Thanks so much! I tend to have inspiration strikes for different anime/game series these days, and honestly once I finish up an MGS story I'm slowly writing (a "big" project for me in the sense it'll be 3 parts and Japanese + English versions)...Well, I'm finding myself otherwise slowing down in writing again.

Thankfully it's not discouragement or anything (though, AO3's lack of commenting in favor of the Kudos system is slightly annoying—I much prefer the read & review format on FF.Net), it's more that I've written so much in the past 3-4 years that I'm running out of things to say! There are times when writing in other people's worlds (naturally, I suppose?) once again loses its excitement, though.

At least the rough notes for my "10+ years in my head" original (short) story are safely written down, to chip away at whenever the mood strikes ^_^
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