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Re: Superhero/Comic Based Films & Tv - Vol.2

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Postby movieartman » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:08 pm

Been a long time since I watched the Rami films. Was kinda indifferent to them. Never seen the Garfield films (despite liking the look & tone of the trailers for ASM1 a lot & The Lizard being among my favorite Marvel villains)
Meant to watch them all before seeing Homecoming & Infinity War but time got away from me so I skipped them for now.

Spider-Man - Homecoming (2017)
- Liked a lot more then I expected. This may change when I get around to re watching them but right now I like it more then any of the Rami films. Absolutely like Holland more then Maguire.
- None of the high school stuff was awkward or grating as I feared.
- Vulture wasn't quite as sympathetic as I had been led to believe but still solid. Didn't like him murdering the 1st Shocker.

Avengers - Infinity War (2018)
- Brolin & Hemsworth were acting their asses off in this, like damn.
- Very pleased with how much screentime & big moments Thor got. Loved the entire forge sequence.
- CGI for the Wakanda battle scenes were much better then those from Panther's stand alone film.
- The Russos juggling of characters & making sure they all feel like they get their fair screen time remains astonishing. Cap is the only big name character who feels like he should have got a bit more.
- As a big fan of Hickman's Avengers run which birthed them I appreciated the use of the Black Order, Maw in particular works well, his voice seemed out of place at first but grew on me a lot.

Some nitpicks...
- Wish Thor kept the eyepatch.
- Loved Hulk getting his ass kicked but him being afraid to come out was a bit much.
- Midnight & Corvus were defeated a bit too easily in the train station. Widow/Falcon shouldn't stand a chance against them. (In the comics Proxima strangled Zarda a Wonder Woman analogue to death with her bare hands, Corvus sliced open Hyperion's shoulder & together they brought the Hulk to his knees)

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Re: Superhero/Comic Based Films & Tv - Vol.2

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Postby Chuckman » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:57 pm

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