[Merch] Evangelion Figures Superthread [3]

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Re: [Merch] Evangelion Figures Superthread [3]

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Postby Blockio » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:37 am

SEELE-01 wrote:Revoltechs or Robot Damashii.
Robot Damashii IS more screen accurate, but they are more expensive, the line-up does not include Evas past 2.0 and half of them are super expensible, hard-to-come-by limited editions.
Revoltechs are a bit cheaper and are re-issued at least once every two years, so there is no shortage of new figures.
Now, neither one of those are figures meant for BRRAP BRRAP, PEW PEW. They are collectibles meant for a certain degree of manipulation, but they are by no means toys meant for someone under 15 (physically or mentally).

The one big advantage that Revos have over RDs is the fact that there are far more models in the series, and (apart from Unit 05), they are all in scale to each other.
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Re: [Merch] Evangelion Figures Superthread [3]

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Postby ZQFMGB » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:51 pm

It's away! Soon, the Mark 06 will sit on my desk... :nyao:
Also, I'm curious, how good are the Banpresto figures ? From what I've seen, they look like cheap versions of RD (which they probably are), and their Mark 06... well, it's like one of those chinese bootlegs that even the advertising can't make look good.
However, their Units 00,01 and 02 looks okay, and apparently Yui-sama has a mouth articulation, which IMO is something way more practical than an alternate head.

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