The Rebuild of Evangelion and Evangelion Final Lie Somewhere In Between The Ending of the TV Series and The Movie(EoE)

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The Rebuild of Evangelion and Evangelion Final Lie Somewhere In Between The Ending of the TV Series and The Movie(EoE)

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Postby unitM » Mon May 28, 2018 7:56 pm


I thought this up while replying to a Redditor on the Evangelion board. Admittedly, this will not be a fully fleshed-out theory on account of not having the time to retrieve sufficient evidence(aka laziness). But let's see where this can go.

Neon Genesis Evangelion ended it's TV series on a polar-opposite note when compared with End of Evangelion.

1. TV Series: Shinji, within Instrumentality, accepts that life is worth living. Instrumentality offers the gift of allowing us powerful control over all of our reality. His eyes are opened through various presences in his Instrumentality and he is lifted into blue skies and out of hardships, congratulated by everyone.

2. End of Evangelion: Although Shinji realizes life is worth living in a dream-like Instrumentality state, upon rejecting Instrumentality, he is awoken to a gloomy outlook. He gets up from a beach. Not much of the setting is explained to him or to us, aside from a bloody sea and a damaged woman. What little wording she does offer is not happy or congratulatory: she merely says disgusting. This is after she leaves a trailing sentiment on his cheek, and after he chokes her, both of which are not easily identifiable as messages or instructions on how to continue living.

What similarities do both of these endings share?
-Both endings display linear emotions. In the TV edition, it's happiness. In the movie, it's confusion, not far from waking up with a serious hangover, after blacking out the night before. The setting is the morning after, wondering what the hell just happened. There is no mixture of emotions in the 2 scenes(specifically targeting the endings).
-Both endings are the expressions of others towards Shinji. In the TV edition, everyone is congratulating Shinji. In the movie, 1 person is telling Shinji he is disgusting(we assume it's directed to him). There is always an "other" there.

This gives us messages from the Evangelion Final poster:

But 1 thing we can look at is this: the color schemes. The end of the TV series showed a bright blue sky. The end of the movie showed a vivid red beach.

Even beyond the poster, at the end of 3.33, there was red sand and a blue sky. In the preview for Final, again: red sand, blue sky. I don't think this is a setting that was used at all throughout the Rebuild movies - nowhere was a blue sky also shown with red sand. It was always independent of one another.

My thoughts on this:
The final Rebuild of Evangelion movie will be about Shinji's own self-acceptance. No one will give him any scripts to go by, unlike the Evangelion predecessors("Congratulations", "Disgusting", or even the guided Instrumentality sequence from the movie). The red sands represents hardships and failure but the blue skies represents freedom and the ability to move on and keep on living.

Evangelion Final will be somewhere in between the ending of the TV series and the ending of the Rebuild of Evangelion. Shinji will have to learn to accept himself without anyone saying so or otherwise, without anyone telling him that his decisions are valid or not. It is the path in between, not the yin or the yang. It is the choices Shinji will have to make himself, not reliant(or semi-reliant) on others to find out what he wants for himself.

The "I'm too lazy to do the research" part I was going to look at was also how the actors outside of Shinji performed around him. After all, Final is shown to be 1.0 + 3.0. I was writing up on how 1.11 is the "yin" in the yin & yang diagrams and 3.33 is the yang(realism and freedoms, and chaos and the realm of spirits, respectively) but I can't connect the titling sequence(You are (not) alone, You can (not) redo) to it. It gets even more confusing when you consider the happy ending of the TV series being an illusion and the bad ending of the movie being reality.

However, I did come to this:
The first Rebuild movie has more open skies than 3.33. Shinji explores the world more, in a positive manner, and it's more grounded in realism. There is less emphasis on the spiritual natures of Evangelion.
The third Rebuild movie is much darker and more related to End of Evangelion. There is extreme emphasis on spirits and the unknown. Shinji is in a state of anxiety for the whole movie and does not explore his freedoms or his world.

1.0 and 3.0
The TV series ending and End of Evangelion?

And the combination of the two(1.0 + 3.0) mark self-discovery and self-acceptance for Shinji?

... and what does this tell us about Rebuild 2?
2.22 explored both the natural and the supernatural parts of the Rebuild of Evangelion universe pretty equally. It started with the unknown and ended with the unknown(Shinji nearly initiating Third Impact), and then ended with the unknown again(Kaworu's lance). But it granted Shinji a lot of freedoms too. He learned to be more capable after one of his battles but also less capable after another. Is 2.22 a foreshadowing of Final, which will be a combination of 1 and 3?

... at this stage, I feel like I'm rambling and branching over a bunch of topics. But do you see where I'm coming from? Evangelion Final will be Shinji's journey to self-guided self-acceptance.

Sailor Star Dust
Kept you waiting, huh?
Kept you waiting, huh?
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Re: The Rebuild of Evangelion and Evangelion Final Lie Somewhere In Between The Ending of the TV Series and The Movie(Eo

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Postby Sailor Star Dust » Tue May 29, 2018 5:47 pm

My reply to your long and well thought-out post/response to Reddit is short, but I really like this idea. It'll be interesting indeed to see if this is how Shin Eva does things ^_^
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