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Postby xanderkh » Wed May 09, 2018 6:34 pm

Considering how varied Asuka is, and how varied her aspects thus far are, that's a pretty impossible question to answer. XD I don't think I could narrow it down to something akin to the Emotions from Inside Out. This is something I think I'll more than likely will be surprised. XD
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Re: An Insider's Look

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Postby Gryphon117 » Sun May 13, 2018 11:41 am

Shorter update this week, I'm afraid. This was one scene I had initially wanted to throw in together with the previous one as a way of finishing the chapter, but it just wasn't ready in time. Probably for the best, since I wouldn't have had anything to update with today, otherwise. The next update will be meatier to make up for it, I promise. ^_^

Chapter 6-4  SPOILER: Show
Asuka walked briskly through the hospital wing of NERV HQ, the only thing keeping her from outright running through it being the succession of miffed nurses that always seemed to appear out of nowhere and get in her way the moment she started to jog. Despite the irritating nuisances, however, getting to room 303 as quickly as possible remained her clear objective, a goal that she had even stood up Doctor Akagi for.

‘Your best sync score ever and you decide to come here instead of going to the debriefing, all while fully knowing that Doctor McBitchFace won’t be happy about any of the above,’ the Second Child mentally chastised herself. She kept on moving forward, nonetheless. ‘Watch yourself be kicked out of the program because you just had to come see for yourself, Asuka. You really live up to your genius, sometimes.’

Only a few moments after the last of her self-criticism Asuka rounded a corner into a familiar hallway, identifying her destination just a few doors down the way. Taking a deep breath to prepare herself, the redhead stomped until she stood before room 303 and, perhaps with a fair amount more force than was entirely necessary, threw the room’s door open and charged inside.

Only to freeze in place an instant later.

“Pilot Sohryu.” The much taller man inside stated rather than asked, not turning around from his vigil over the sleeping Third Child.

And it was then that Asuka found herself in one of those rare situations she couldn’t figure out how to deal with. After all, the sight before her topped quite a few of the weirdness records that Ayanami had managed to set up just the day before.

“C-Commander… Ikari? What are you-?” Asuka stuttered, the moment she finally found her voice. She then quickly kept herself from putting her foot in her mouth and scrambled to get into something barely resembling proper military respect. “I-I mean…”

“At ease, Second Child,” the Commander gravely cut her off, turning his head to regard her over his left shoulder. “What are you doing here? I received the initial report on the testing results not that long ago. I expected you to be present at the debriefing at this time.”

“Well, y-yes, but… ” the redhead trailed off and swallowed tightly, wondering just how big a mess she had managed to land herself in.

‘But what? But I skipped it and rushed to see Shinji because I heard his voice inside my head?’ the young girl inwardly groaned, kicking herself one more time for not waiting an hour or two before coming. ‘Sure, Asuka. Tell the Commander you’re going freaking schizo! That will be good for you!’

“I-I... forgot something!” Asuka quickly made up. “I forgot something... important! Yeah, that’s it!”

“Important enough to forego your obligations?”


Asuka looked away, hiding a slight cringe. The Second Child then scrambled for ways of improving on her lie, preferably ones that didn’t dig a deeper hole for herself, but the ideas were not forthcoming.

Not a situation you wanted to be in when you had the Supreme Commander of NERV right in front of you.

“...I see.” The taller man eventually responded when it became obvious no further explanation would reach his ears, even though his narrowed eyes left it clear that he didn’t believe a word Asuka had said. Gendo then turned and walked past the redhead and towards the door, pausing just as he was about to open it. “No matter, good work on today’s test. Keep the effort up.”

“Y-Yes, sir!” and the redhead followed him with her eyes, more than a bit shocked at the development. “Th-Thank you, sir!”

The door slid closed with no further words, and the girl’s entire body sagged forward the moment that it did, letting out a deep, drawn out sigh. That exchange had been much too close for comfort, as far as she was concerned.

“Was he… visiting Shinji?” Asuka wondered to herself when she regained some presence of mind. She then blinked and turned towards the door again when yet another impossibility crossed her mind. “...And did he just encourage me?”

‘Of all the people to validate your efforts, huh? Not Misato, not that fake doctor, not... Kaji. It had to be freaking Commander Ikari,’ Asuka shook her head, feeling torn between amusement and disappointment before she shifted her gaze towards Shinji. ‘...And that’s without going into why he was here in the first place.’

“Wow, never thought he gave a damn,” the redhead scoffed, moving to the edge of the bed. “Looks like you’ve got me beat at shitty fathers, too, Third.

“And speaking of, you’re still sleeping, huh?” Asuka glanced at the different instruments strapped to the slumbering young man, quickly confirming that that was indeed the case. A disappointed sigh soon escaped her. “...Of course you are. What? Did you really expect him to be up and about, Asuka?”

With a frustrated groan, the Second Child grabbed a nearby chair and sat on it, idly going through the events that had ended up bringing her back to room 303. There was the conversation with Akagi and the synch-test, of course, and how she had decided to trust Ayanami’s word and try to ‘reach out’ to the EVA, no matter how stupid it had made her feel for the next hour or so.

And then, for a moment, she could have sworn to have heard Shinji’s voice, shortly after the brief stab of pain in her forehead that had startled Ibuki.

But that couldn’t be... right?

“...It must have been my imagination. Probably lack of proper sleep or something like that,” Asuka concluded, leaning a bit closer. “...But it seriously felt as if-”

“Hmm… He’s kinda cute,” a second voice suddenly cut in from behind her. “Is he your boyfriend?”

Asuka quickly turned around in response, uncomfortable hospital plastic chair clattering to the floor...

...only to find another face a hair’s breadth away from hers.

“W-W-Who the hell are you?!” Asuka exclaimed, shoving the invader of her personal space away and successfully driving them back with a satisfying yelp.

The Second Child then narrowed her eyes and took a good look at them: the one that had managed to sneak up on her was another girl around her age, with long, maroon-coloured hair styled into twin-tails and wearing red glasses, as well as a... garish bubblegum pink plugsuit.

The latter alone gave Asuka all the information her genius needed to know.

“Hm?” the intruding girl blinked in surprise at the rough treatment, before a carefree smile spread across her face. A stark contrast to the scowl she was now receiving. “Oh, sorry, sorry! Did I scare you?”

She then threw her plugsuited hand forward, offering it for a handshake.

“I’m the Fifth Child, Mari Makinami! Nice to meetcha!”
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Re: An Insider's Look

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Postby Gryphon117 » Sun May 20, 2018 4:39 am

Update time, and it is an extra large one, as promised!

By the way, remember that time I mentioned the possibility of an update not happening one of these weeks? Well, that time might very well be next week. Several RL issues have kept me from getting much writing done this weekend, and I've gotta get my reports done for the end of year evaluation meetings sometime next week, so no large-scale writing is gonna happen in the next few days, either.

So, yeah. Best case scenario I can whip up something short for an update next week, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it unless you like going blue in the face. :tongue:

Chapter 7-1  SPOILER: Show
To the credit of Mari Makinami, the Fifth Child, she stood her ground stoically for the tense seconds that followed her greeting. Even under the sweltering look that the redhead was throwing at her, her arm stayed outstretched and her face remained inviting, although, to be completely honest, the newcomer felt like her smile was starting to strain just a little bit.

She tried her hardest to keep it from showing, though. After all, first impressions were important.

“You’re the one that was sent to replace me, aren’t you?”

At least until she heard the almost palpable accusation in Asuka’s first words. Mari withdrew her hand with a small sigh. Despite her best efforts, no handshakes were going to be had that day, apparently.

“I guess I am. Although it looks like I won’t be replacing anyone after that last showing,” the Fifth Child shrugged casually, her smile weakening but not leaving her face. “Works for me. I didn’t like the idea of taking anyone’s place, anyway.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and pack your things, then?” the redhead pressed on, drawing closer until her scowl was right in front of Mari’s face. “I’m not going to be dropping back down and letting you into my Unit-02, now or in the future.”

“…Oookay? Why so mad?” The other girl blinked, slightly taken aback. Although she showed no signs of discomfort other than the disappearance of her smile. “I’m just here to help, you know? What with you guys taking a few bad hits lately and all that. I guess someone up there thought it would be a good idea to make sure there’s someone ready to step up in case that… you know.”

The maroon-haired girl elaborated on her last point by doing some explosion motions with her hands, complete with sound effects. Efforts that only yielded her another annoyed look from Asuka.

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Well, I sure hope not,” Mari agreed, growing a carefree grin. “I mean, hearing that I was going to stay a backup was a huge relief, to be honest. I’ve never been in an actual EVA-sized combat situation before, you know? Not outside the sims, anyway.”

“Oh, great.” The Fifth Child watched as Asuka’s face wrinkled even more at her admission, and her more scientifically curious side wondered whether the Second Child’s animosity had an actual limit it could hit. “Another greenhorn.”

“And what did you expect? Have you heard of any other kaiju attacks anywhere in the world? You know that stuff only happens in Japan,” Mari shot back, sidestepping the fuming redhead and moving closer to the bed. “In any case, chances are I’ll just end up being a backup for the Pilot of Unit-01, so your precious EVA is safe from my nefarious presence.

“And speaking of, this is the renowned Third Child, huh?”

“You know him?” Asuka questioned, her eyes hardening at the word ‘renowned’.

“And who in NERV doesn’t?” the twin-tailed girl replied cheekily, hovering over the sleeping young man. “It’s not like he’s the rookie that’s leading the scoreboard in terms of Angel kills, right? A real outlier?”

‘A real pain in the ass is what he is,’ the Second Child scoffed, looking away with a small scowl. ‘…Figures he’d be the famous one. Damn showoff.’

“I thought he’d be more imposing, though. And more awake,” Mari eventually spoke, the slight hint of disappointment that seeped into her words bringing Asuka’s attention back to her. “What happened to him?”

“No one knows, some sort of weird coma,” the redhead briefly grumped, looking away once more for a different reason. “He’s been like that for a while now.”

“Hmm… So he’s kinda like the guy version of Sleeping Beauty, then?” Mari proposed, and Asuka had to admit that it was indeed an apt comparison. The redhead’s attention was then brought back to the bed when she heard the tell-tale rustling of bedsheets, her blue eyes widening like plates when she spotted the other girl drawing closer to Shinji’s face with a wide grin on her own. “…Hey, think he’ll wake up if I give him a kiss?”

“W-What the hell are you doing?!”

Asuka’s voice boomed across the small room, loud enough that she could have sworn it echoed. She also found herself hovering above Shinji’s bed and about to push the invading girl off of it, despite having no recollection of having willed her body forward.

Mari Makinami, for her part, stared at her in perplexed silence for a second or two before she broke out into loud laughter. That didn’t help matters much either, as far as the redhead was concerned.

“Come on, I’m just kidding! You really took that seriously?” the maroon-haired girl pushed herself back, her laughing slowly dying out into chuckles. She then raised her eyebrow at the other girl, her look turning curious. “Why are you getting so worked up about it, anyway?”

Asuka jumped off the bed and felt her face heat up at the loaded question. She then snarled and opened her mouth to tell the twin-tailed girl to mind her own damn business, but her best efforts ended up as little more than incoherent babbling because of a sudden lack of cooperation on the part of her tongue.

The Second Child’s face heated up even further.

“…Oh, I see. I guess I wasn’t so off the mark before~” Mari rested her head on her hands and admired the reactions, sing-song words filling the room as a Cheshire smile spread all over her face. “So the mean and serious Second Child does have a heart somewhere in there. That’s good to know!”


Shinji Ikari stepped out of the farm and into the fresh outside to enjoy the lack of constant rain a little bit more than he had been able to, before. The young man figured that he couldn’t really do much other than thinking about his future plans until Asuka showed up, anyway, and doing so with the feeling of grass between his fingers and a nice breeze hitting his face sounded like a better idea than doing so inside.

At least, until something struck the top of his head.

“...Again, Ace?” the Third Child grumbled, rubbing the affected part. “Can you please stop throwing things at my... head?”

Shinji fixated his gaze on the object of his afflictions, quickly noting that it wasn’t one of the wooden chips the Pilot had attacked him with before, but rather a very small stone. Also, there seemed to be no actual sign of Ace being around (mainly due to the lack of immediate taunting comeback that Shinji would have expected out of her), so it truly seemed as if the redhead was completely innocent this time. Curious, the Third child picked the pebble up to examine it a little bit closer...

...and then let go of it almost instantly.

“Uwah! Hot!”

The little rock felt as if it had spent half an hour inside a full-power oven, and Shinji couldn’t help but be a little surprised at that. Just when he thought he had grown accustomed to most of the things Asuka’s brain could throw his way, there always seemed to be something new to see.

Another pebble landing a few steps away from him interrupted the young man’s musings, followed by a second and then a third. All the while, Shinji’s brain went through the causes that could have created such a blazing hot stone, not really liking the one that had made it to the forefront.

The Third Child liked it even less when he heard a loud rumbling in the distance.

“Is that... smoke?”

The young man quickly identified a gray plume raising toward the sky, a very bad feeling forming in the pit of his stomach. And then, as if to confirm it, a mountain erupted from the distant ground, bellowing smoke, fire and ashes all around it.

Come on!” Shinji screamed, breaking into a run in the opposite direction when he saw a few stray and bigger rocks strike the earth uncomfortably close. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”



Faster than she could blink, Mari found herself pinned to the wall by an irate redhead, barely managing to catch her hands with her own. In between doing her best to keep her face from being struck, though, the Fifth Child couldn’t help but wonder that Asuka was pretty strong for someone that thin.

“T-That the Second Child has a very big heart and is not at all prone to violence?” Mari tried to defuse the situation, succeeding about as well as she had expected. “Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a little bit?”

“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE THIRD, ALRIGHT?!” the redhead roared, failing to register any part of what she’d been told. “WHY DON’T YOU MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS, YOU FOUR-EYED BI-?!”

“What are you two doing?!” at least, until another voice suddenly cut in, freezing Asuka into a halt. “Can’t you see that this is a hospital?! If you have a problem with each other, take it outside!”

Slowly, Mari turned to regard the newcomer, just as the Second Child did the same: it was a hospital nurse. One of many, she supposed. And a woman that had met the redhead in front of her already, if the way her eyes narrowed was any indication.

“Sohryu-san again? For the love of-” The nurse let out a deep sigh, bringing a hand to grab the bridge of her nose. She then fixed Asuka with a frustrated look. “How many times do we have to tell you to keep your voice down? The patients need their rest!”

“But-... But I didn’t-” Asuka let go of the Fifth Child as if she had been on fire, before frantically gesturing at her with a hand. “It’s all her fault! She-”

“I don’t care about any excuses, Sohryu-san, rules are rules,” the nurse interrupted, further indicating that she was dangerously approaching the end of her patience. “We might have to forbid you from visiting if these constant altercations of yours keep up.”

And at the older woman’s words, Mari saw the Second Child’s expression go from shock, to dread, to grief and finally to anger all in the span of three seconds That was all before she balled her fists and stormed past the nurse, almost leaving a fiery trail in her wake.

“Fine, whatever! See what I care!”

The Fifth Child barely had enough time to brace herself before the door slammed shut.


“Hey, wait! I said wait a minute!” Mari’s voice called out from behind her, hurried steps letting Asuka know that the annoying girl was in close pursuit. “Sorry that I made you angry!”

“Screw you.”

“No thanks. And I didn’t mean anything bad by what I said, honest! I just thought it would be a nice icebreaker, you know?” the twin-tailed girl fell into step beside Asuka, easily keeping up with the redhead’s blazing pace. “Buuut I guess I stumbled into a sensitive subject, instead. Sorry again.

“But hey! I talked to the nurse lady, okay? Told her it was all my fault. Which it was. She’ll overlook it this time.”

“I don’t care,” the Second Child gruffly stated, although Mari didn’t fail to catch a very slight relaxing of her shoulders. “Stop. Following me.”

“Sorry, no can do. The Doc told me to ‘go and ingratiate yourself with the other Pilots’, you see?” the Fifth Child explained, smoothly transitioning into her carefree ways. “But since Bluebird disappeared on me and the Third’s on sleep mode you’re sort of the only one that’s left right now.”

“Well in that case, don’t feel the need to stick to your orders. Go away and I’ll just say that you and I had a great time if anyone asks.”

“That’s so nice of you! But I was looking forward to actually spending some time with the Wünderkid of NERV-Germany too, you know?” Mari replied, putting on a winning smile. “Thought I could learn a thing or two from you, Senpai!”

The redhead felt her hands clench and her teeth grind against each other at every single one of the Fifth Child’s quirks, both verbal and physical. The new arrival truly had a talent for pissing her off that Asuka had always thought exclusive to Shinji and Misato.

“Okay, first of all, don’t call me that,” the Second Child growled, moving to bar the other girl’s way. “And to follow up on that why on Earth would I want to be your friend?”

“Why not? Aren’t you friends with the First Child?” the twin-tailed girl argued with a shrug, casually deflecting Asuka’s hostility. “Besides, isn’t it important to have people you can trust watching your back in combat?”

“You’re in the bench. You’re not going to see combat.”

“Eh, I don’t mean to jinx it but you never know when that might chan-” Mari suddenly gasped, her eyes catching sight of something down the hallway. She then grew a wide smile, the maroon-haired girl waving at whatever it was that she had seen. “Oh, hey! Bluebird, over here!”

Rolling her eyes at both the twin-tailed girl’s non-existent attention span and at how blatantly she was now being ignored, Asuka turned around to look at what it was that had grabbed Mari’s eye: the redhead quickly found it to be Rei Ayanami, probably on her way to visit the slumbering Third Child. The bluenette regarded the newcomer with a curious look.

“Are you talking to me, Fifth Child?”

“No, I’m talking to the giant blue bird that’s right behind you,” Mari snarked with a deadpan look, only to feel the urge to palm her face when Rei shifted to look behind her. “Don’t turn around! Of course I’m talking to you!”

“But ‘Bluebird’ is not my name,” Rei argued, walking closer to the pair. “Why do you insist on calling me that?”

“I don’t know. ‘Cause Bluebirds are pretty flowers that are blue and your hair is also blue and kinda pretty?” the Fifth Child shrugged nonchalantly, waving off Rei’s question. “Don’t sweat the details.

“But forget about that! Listen, how about coming with the two of us? Sohryu-san here was going to tour me around the town, but we can always make this a group experience!”

“But I’m already familiar with the layout of the city,” the bluenette tilted her head to the side curiously. “What would the purpose of that activity be?”

“And since when did I agree to any of that?” the redhead offered as well, her mood still on a steady sour.

“Wow, you two are a merry bunch, aren’t you?” Mari mumbled to herself with a roll of her eyes. She then threw a fist up in the air. “Come on, it’s an excuse for fun! We can get to know each other better before the Doc inevitably throws us into the sims, and then we’ll grab some dinner together! Bonding time!”

“Hellish time, more like,” Asuka scoffed and propped herself against the wall. “Besides, we’re cooped inside the Geofront for the time being, four-eyes, so it’s not like we could leave even if we wanted to. Such a shame, really.”

“Huh? The Doc didn’t tell me anything about that. You sure it wasn’t just a temporary measure?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. But it’s not like there’s any way to know for sure, is there? Unless you want to go ahead and bother Akagi again, that is. I’m sure she’ll love that.” The Second Child rolled her eyes, spitting the name out as if it was a bad tasting appetizer. She then sent a mocking look at the twin-tailed girl. “So I think I’ll just stay and do something else for the day, instead. Have fun getting lost by yourself.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Asuka Langley-Sohryu relaxed against the wall and set her body up in a very specific fashion. A set of angles and unspoken messages of her own development that had always managed to bring the maximum amount of irritation out of the Third Child in the past, and that she figured would succeed equally as well at bothering the stupid greenhorn. With a few alterations, of course.

But then Asuka’s carefully constructed posture hit an unexpected disturbance when a phone began to ring: hers, to be exact. Her expression promptly shifting into an annoyed scowl and muttering something that Doctor Akagi wouldn’t have approved of, the Second Child fished for the device and raised it to her ear.

What now?” Asuka sharply spoke into it.

“A-Asuka? Is that you?”

The redhead’s eyes widened. She knew that voice, and it wasn’t the one she had been expecting to hear.


“It is you!” The class representative of 2-A cheered happily, as if a heavy weight had just been lifted from her shoulders. The calm lasted for but a fleeting second, however. “Where have you been?! Do you have any idea how worried I was?!”

Asuka cringed as she pulled the phone away from her ear. As relieved as she was at not having to do yet another unscheduled test, placating an angry Hikari hadn’t been on her list of preferred pastimes, either.

“Ack! Sorry, sorry, don’t yell! It’s just...” the redhead spoke, quickly figuring how she could explain herself without giving away any confidential information. “Some… stuff happened in the last battle. I’m sort of living in the Geofront now because of it.”

“…I guess that’s why no one would answer at Katsuragi-san’s…” Hikari reasoned after a short pause, before going back on the offensive. “And couldn’t you have given someone a call?! I was starting to think that you were seriously hurt or… or worse until Toji told me that you were fine!”

“It just didn’t cross my mind, alright? I’ve been busy lately and-” Asuka started to defend herself before she cut herself off, grabbing onto a small detail. “…Wait, ‘Toji’? Didn’t you Japanese only do the first name thing when-”

Don’t change the subject!” Hikari demanded, forcing the redhead’s phone away from her ear again.

It was at this time that Asuka decided that a change in strategy was required and, after a long and hard fought battle in which she focused on nothing else, the Second Child’s wile eventually succeeded in calming down her best friend for the time being. There would still be hell to pay if and when she managed to get back to school and needed to do the same thing again both on Hikari’s home turf and in person, but she could confidently say that her ears were safe for the time being.

“Asuka, listen: I need to talk to you, okay? Can you meet this afternoon?”

…Or not. It looked as if Hikari wanted to address the latter sooner than the Second Child was expecting. Not something that she was looking to deal with after the ups and downs that the day had already offered her.

Then again, Asuka did have one very good excuse available to her. Not even a bad kind of excuse, really.

“Look, I’d love to but I wasn’t allowed outside the last time I tried, Hikari. And I really don’t know when that’s going to-”

“They say it’s fine!”


Asuka turned towards the one that had spoken and found the Fifth Child walking towards her, Mister Casual and Mister Monotone in tow. The redhead narrowed her eyes at her Section-2 security detail, her mind quickly trying to piece all the facts together and figuring out how it impacted her chances of getting an earful today.

But the twin-tailed girl was faster on the uptake than she was.

“These two gentlemen say that they’ll escort us wherever we want to go. That should be the last snag out of the way, right?” Mari grinned and motioned at the two men, before she stepped forward and effortlessly swiped the phone from the stunned redhead’s hand. “Let’s ask your friend if she wants to come with us!”

“H-Hey!” Asuka promptly protested, but her efforts to take back the phone were stonewalled by the Fifth Child twisting and turning out of her reach. “Give that back!”

“Hiya! I’m Mari!” the Fifth Child cheerily greeted into the receiver, even managing to find the time to grab onto Ayanami’s arm so that she wouldn’t walk away on her own. “Where do you want to meet?”
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