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[Merch] Daily Selection CD

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Postby deeRez » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:41 pm

(Making this standalone post mostly for documentation purposes)

So a while back I got the following CD, which has a bunch of Evangelion images.


But a lot of the Evangelion images on it looked familiar.
Was there anything original on the CD? Is the CD worth getting for a collector?

After manually going through each Evangelion image on the Daily Selection CD,
and tracing where each came from,
I can definitely answer regarding if it's worth getting:
No, the answer is No.

Every Evangelion image on the Daily Selection CD can be found on the first four collector's discs.
(See: https://wiki.evageeks.org/Neon_Genesis_ ... %27s_Discs )

This is the distribution of where the images come from:
Volume 1: 87 pictures / 224 total
Volume 2: 116 pictures / 217 total
Volume 3: 123 pictures / 183 total
Volume 4: 74 pictures / 182 total

Furthermore, the Daily Selection pictures are shrunk by 81.25% compared to the JPG images on the Collector's CDs,
and some Daily Selection images are cropped as well - the horror!

One thing the Daily Selection images did do is denoise the images,
but personally I rather have the original and do denoising myself.

This is the mapping of every Daily Selection image to where you can find it on the Collector's Discs:
EVA001L is Vol. 2, file: TITLE
EVA002L is Vol. 3, file: 18TOHJI1
EVA003L is Vol. 1, file: 02MISAT1
EVA004L is Vol. 1, file: OP_REI1
EVA005L is Vol. 3, file: 05RITKO2
EVA006L is Vol. 2, file: OPTIME1
EVA007L is Vol. 3, file: 16REI1
EVA008L is Vol. 3, file: 17UNIZO2
EVA009L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA001
EVA010L is Vol. 3, file: 16MISAT2
EVA011L is Vol. 1, file: 05REI3
EVA012L is Vol. 1, file: EVA014L
EVA013L is Vol. 3, file: 22EVA021
EVA014L is Vol. 3, file: 17REI2
EVA015L is Vol. 2, file: 15ASUKA5
EVA016L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA011
EVA017L is Vol. 2, file: 07MISAT4
EVA018L is Vol. 1, file: OP_HYUGA
EVA019L is Vol. 4, file: 25MISAT2
EVA020L is Vol. 2, file: OP2014
EVA021L is Vol. 1, file: 01MISAT0
EVA022L is Vol. 2, file: 14ASUKA1
EVA023L is Vol. 3, file: 18ASUKA1
EVA024L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA030
EVA025L is Vol. 3, file: EVA073
EVA026L is Vol. 4, file: 26REI0
EVA027L is Vol. 1, file: 01EVA010
EVA028L is Vol. 2, file: 09KAJI1
EVA029L is Vol. 4, file: ORG07
EVA030L is Vol. 2, file: 15MISAT2
EVA031L is Vol. 3, file: 17ASUKA1
EVA032L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKAA
EVA033L is Vol. 4, file: EVA109
EVA034L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA021
EVA035L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKAB
EVA036L is Vol. 1, file: EVA006L
EVA037L is Vol. 1, file: OPEVA011
EVA038L is Vol. 2, file: 09MISAT0
EVA039L is Vol. 1, file: OPANGEL1
EVA040L is Vol. 2, file: 13CHILD1
EVA041L is Vol. 1, file: EVA009L
EVA042L is Vol. 4, file: 08ASUKA8
EVA043L is Vol. 4, file: 25SINJI1
EVA044L is Vol. 2, file: OPENV1
EVA045L is Vol. 1, file: 09PEN20
EVA046L is Vol. 2, file: 15ASUKA2
EVA047L is Vol. 4, file: 24KAORU3
EVA048L is Vol. 3, file: 16RITKO3
EVA049L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA012
EVA050L is Vol. 4, file: 25ASUKA2
EVA051L is Vol. 2, file: 11ASUKA2
EVA052L is Vol. 2, file: OPTOIJI1
EVA053L is Vol. 4, file: 22PEN2
EVA054L is Vol. 3, file: 16MISAT3
EVA055L is Vol. 1, file: 03SINJI2
EVA056L is Vol. 1, file: 01REI0
EVA057L is Vol. 2, file: OPMISAT3
EVA058L is Vol. 2, file: EVA037
EVA059L is Vol. 4, file: 09ASUKAA
EVA060L is Vol. 2, file: 14REI1
EVA061L is Vol. 3, file: EVA060
EVA062L is Vol. 3, file: 16REI4
EVA063L is Vol. 3, file: 23LANS1
EVA064L is Vol. 1, file: EVA024L
EVA065L is Vol. 2, file: 09ASUKA8
EVA066L is Vol. 2, file: 13MISAT1
EVA067L is Vol. 1, file: 02MISAT0
EVA068L is Vol. 1, file: OPEVA013
EVA069L is Vol. 3, file: 18ASUKA2
EVA070L is Vol. 3, file: 18HIKAR2
EVA071L is Vol. 4, file: 25REI1
EVA072L is Vol. 4, file: 22ROOM0
EVA073L is Vol. 4, file: 26REI5
EVA074L is Vol. 3, file: 16REI3
EVA075L is Vol. 3, file: 25KAJI1
EVA076L is Vol. 1, file: 01ANGEL0
EVA077L is Vol. 4, file: EVA078
EVA078L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA002
EVA079L is Vol. 1, file: 02EVA010
EVA080L is Vol. 4, file: 21HUYUZ1
EVA081L is Vol. 1, file: 07MISAT1
EVA082L is Vol. 2, file: 10PEN21
EVA083L is Vol. 3, file: 17SUIKA1
EVA084L is Vol. 3, file: 17REI1
EVA085L is Vol. 4, file: 25SINJI3
EVA086L is Vol. 2, file: OPASUKA1
EVA087L is Vol. 1, file: 05ANGEL0
EVA088L is Vol. 4, file: 09UNIZOB
EVA089L is Vol. 1, file: EVA025L
EVA090L is Vol. 2, file: OPKENSU1
EVA091L is Vol. 2, file: 11CHILD2
EVA092L is Vol. 1, file: 02ANGEL0
EVA093L is Vol. 4, file: 22IBUKI0
EVA094L is Vol. 3, file: 23REI1
EVA095L is Vol. 1, file: 01SINJI2
EVA096L is Vol. 3, file: 17HIKAR1
EVA097L is Vol. 4, file: 22ASUKA6
EVA098L is Vol. 1, file: OP_IBUKI
EVA099L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA8
EVA100L is Vol. 4, file: EVA077
EVA101L is Vol. 1, file: 02GENDO1
EVA102L is Vol. 2, file: 09UNIZOA
EVA103L is Vol. 1, file: 01MISAT2
EVA104L is Vol. 4, file: 24KAORU4
EVA105L is Vol. 3, file: 17SUIKA2
EVA106L is Vol. 1, file: 07MISAT2
EVA107L is Vol. 3, file: 17KAJI2
EVA108L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA016
EVA109L is Vol. 4, file: 05MISAT
EVA110L is Vol. 3, file: EVA064
EVA111L is Vol. 4, file: 26REI1
EVA112L is Vol. 1, file: OP_GEND2
EVA113L is Vol. 1, file: EVA012L
EVA114L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA014
EVA115L is Vol. 2, file: 12ASUKA5
EVA116L is Vol. 2, file: 11EVA011
EVA117L is Vol. 3, file: 05RITKO1
EVA118L is Vol. 2, file: EVA040
EVA119L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA3
EVA120L is Vol. 1, file: 04SINJI0
EVA121L is Vol. 2, file: 11RITKO2
EVA122L is Vol. 4, file: 25ASUKA1
EVA123L is Vol. 1, file: OP_AOBA
EVA124L is Vol. 1, file: 09ASUKA5
EVA125L is Vol. 2, file: 15REI1
EVA126L is Vol. 1, file: 05REI1
EVA127L is Vol. 3, file: 18HIKAR5
EVA128L is Vol. 2, file: 12MISAT3
EVA129L is Vol. 3, file: 18KAZI1
EVA130L is Vol. 1, file: OPMISAT0
EVA131L is Vol. 2, file: 09ANGEL1
EVA132L is Vol. 1, file: OP_RITK1
EVA133L is Vol. 2, file: OPSINJID
EVA134L is Vol. 3, file: 08EVA022
EVA135L is Vol. 3, file: 17TOHJI2
EVA136L is Vol. 2, file: 08ANGEL1
EVA137L is Vol. 3, file: 05REI7
EVA138L is Vol. 4, file: 26MISAT0
EVA139L is Vol. 1, file: 09ASUKA0
EVA140L is Vol. 3, file: 16GENDO2
EVA141L is Vol. 2, file: 09MISAT1
EVA142L is Vol. 1, file: TOKYO_3
EVA143L is Vol. 4, file: 13EVA000
EVA144L is Vol. 3, file: 05REI4
EVA145L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA4
EVA146L is Vol. 3, file: 08MISAT4
EVA147L is Vol. 1, file: 02MISAT2
EVA148L is Vol. 2, file: 15SINJI1
EVA149L is Vol. 3, file: 08MISAT1
EVA150L is Vol. 4, file: 22RITKO0
EVA151L is Vol. 4, file: 25REI6
EVA152L is Vol. 3, file: 08ASUKA4
EVA153L is Vol. 3, file: 18STAT2
EVA154L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA5
EVA155L is Vol. 3, file: 18HIKAR1
EVA156L is Vol. 2, file: OPNAZO3
EVA157L is Vol. 4, file: EVA104
EVA158L is Vol. 1, file: 09UNIZO1
EVA159L is Vol. 3, file: 22ADAM1
EVA160L is Vol. 1, file: 05SINJI1
EVA161L is Vol. 2, file: 13RITKO4
EVA162L is Vol. 2, file: OP_AGO1
EVA163L is Vol. 4, file: 05REI8
EVA164L is Vol. 1, file: OPMISAT1
EVA165L is Vol. 4, file: 25REI5
EVA166L is Vol. 2, file: 11GENDO1
EVA167L is Vol. 2, file: OPSINJI5
EVA168L is Vol. 3, file: 16HOS3
EVA169L is Vol. 2, file: EVA047
EVA170L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA021
EVA171L is Vol. 4, file: 09UMIZOC
EVA172L is Vol. 1, file: 01RITKO4
EVA173L is Vol. 1, file: 08ASUKA2
EVA174L is Vol. 1, file: OP_KAJI1
EVA175L is Vol. 4, file: 26ASUKA2
EVA176L is Vol. 3, file: 08ANGEL2
EVA177L is Vol. 2, file: 13ASUKA1
EVA178L is Vol. 2, file: OPENV2
EVA179L is Vol. 4, file: 26REI4
EVA180L is Vol. 4, file: 22EVA022
EVA181L is Vol. 1, file: OP_NERV1
EVA182L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA021
EVA183L is Vol. 3, file: 18TOHJI3
EVA184L is Vol. 4, file: 09ASUKA9
EVA185L is Vol. 1, file: EVA017L
EVA186L is Vol. 4, file: 09HIKAR1
EVA187L is Vol. 2, file: 07JA2
EVA188L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA1
EVA189L is Vol. 3, file: 16IBUKI1
EVA190L is Vol. 1, file: EVA010L
EVA191L is Vol. 2, file: 10STAFF1
EVA192L is Vol. 3, file: 18ASUKA4
EVA193L is Vol. 3, file: EVA058
EVA194L is Vol. 2, file: 14RITKO1
EVA195L is Vol. 3, file: 18TOHJI2
EVA196L is Vol. 2, file: OPSINJI7
EVA197L is Vol. 2, file: 12REI1
EVA198L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA011
EVA199L is Vol. 3, file: 16MISAT1
EVA200L is Vol. 4, file: 22ASUKA7
EVA201L is Vol. 2, file: 10KAJI1
EVA202L is Vol. 4, file: 22REI0
EVA203L is Vol. 2, file: 12REI2
EVA204L is Vol. 2, file: 10RITKO1
EVA205L is Vol. 3, file: EVA076
EVA206L is Vol. 4, file: 08KAJI2
EVA207L is Vol. 1, file: 03ANGEL0
EVA208L is Vol. 3, file: 16STAT2
EVA209L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA013
EVA210L is Vol. 4, file: 26REI3
EVA211L is Vol. 1, file: 07JA1
EVA212L is Vol. 4, file: EVA103
EVA213L is Vol. 2, file: 15ASUKA3
EVA214L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA013
EVA215L is Vol. 1, file: 09ASUKA2
EVA216L is Vol. 4, file: 13REI3
EVA217L is Vol. 2, file: OP_REI3
EVA218L is Vol. 1, file: 09ASUKA1
EVA219L is Vol. 4, file: 22ASUKA5
EVA220L is Vol. 3, file: 16RITKO2
EVA221L is Vol. 2, file: 10EVA022
EVA222L is Vol. 3, file: 18REI1
EVA223L is Vol. 4, file: 22ASUKA4
EVA224L is Vol. 1, file: 09UNIZO3
EVA225L is Vol. 4, file: 26REI2
EVA226L is Vol. 3, file: 16EMER1
EVA227L is Vol. 1, file: OPEVA012
EVA228L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA2
EVA229L is Vol. 4, file: 25SINJI2
EVA230L is Vol. 1, file: OP_NAZO1
EVA231L is Vol. 2, file: 15PEN22
EVA232L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA023
EVA233L is Vol. 2, file: 15KAJI1
EVA234L is Vol. 2, file: 15MISAT5
EVA235L is Vol. 4, file: 09SINJI2
EVA236L is Vol. 4, file: 25REI4
EVA237L is Vol. 3, file: 16REI2
EVA238L is Vol. 2, file: OPSINJI2
EVA239L is Vol. 4, file: 24REI0
EVA240L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA037
EVA241L is Vol. 2, file: 09UNIZO9
EVA242L is Vol. 3, file: 16ANGEL1
EVA243L is Vol. 1, file: HUYUZUKI
EVA244L is Vol. 2, file: 09UNIZO8
EVA245L is Vol. 1, file: EVA022L
EVA246L is Vol. 1, file: 01UN0
EVA247L is Vol. 4, file: EVA080
EVA248L is Vol. 1, file: 09ASUKA4
EVA249L is Vol. 1, file: OP_ADAM
EVA250L is Vol. 2, file: 11RITKO3
EVA251L is Vol. 3, file: 05REI6
EVA252L is Vol. 2, file: 11AOBA1
EVA253L is Vol. 1, file: EVA011L
EVA254L is Vol. 4, file: 25MISAT4
EVA255L is Vol. 3, file: 23RITKO1
EVA256L is Vol. 3, file: 17PRINT3
EVA257L is Vol. 2, file: 09MISAT2
EVA258L is Vol. 2, file: 12AOBA1
EVA259L is Vol. 1, file: 09ASUKA3
EVA260L is Vol. 3, file: 18REI3
EVA261L is Vol. 2, file: 15MISAT4
EVA262L is Vol. 4, file: 25REI3
EVA263L is Vol. 1, file: OP_NERV2
EVA264L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA012
EVA265L is Vol. 2, file: 12MISAT1
EVA266L is Vol. 3, file: 08ASUKA5
EVA267L is Vol. 3, file: 05GROOP1
EVA268L is Vol. 2, file: OP_REI4
EVA269L is Vol. 4, file: EVA108
EVA270L is Vol. 3, file: EVA057
EVA271L is Vol. 3, file: 08ASUKA7
EVA272L is Vol. 2, file: 09ASUKA7
EVA273L is Vol. 2, file: 15MISAT3
EVA274L is Vol. 1, file: 04SINJI1
EVA275L is Vol. 4, file: 24KAORU9
EVA276L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA001
EVA277L is Vol. 1, file: OP_RITKO
EVA278L is Vol. 2, file: 13IBUKI1
EVA279L is Vol. 2, file: 10ASUKA3
EVA280L is Vol. 4, file: 22MISAT0
EVA281L is Vol. 2, file: OPHIKAR1
EVA282L is Vol. 1, file: 07UN0
EVA283L is Vol. 1, file: 09HIKAR0
EVA284L is Vol. 4, file: 25REI2
EVA285L is Vol. 3, file: EVA075
EVA286L is Vol. 2, file: EVA053
EVA287L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA011
EVA288L is Vol. 1, file: 08ASUKA1
EVA289L is Vol. 3, file: 05REI5
EVA290L is Vol. 3, file: 18HIKAR7
EVA291L is Vol. 4, file: 08MISAT6
EVA292L is Vol. 3, file: 16MISAT5
EVA293L is Vol. 2, file: 09ASUKA6
EVA294L is Vol. 4, file: 08MISAT7
EVA295L is Vol. 3, file: 16EVA002
EVA296L is Vol. 4, file: 22EVA000
EVA297L is Vol. 1, file: 02PEN2
EVA298L is Vol. 1, file: 03REI0
EVA299L is Vol. 1, file: 01EVA012
EVA300L is Vol. 3, file: 08MISAT3
EVA301L is Vol. 2, file: 12ASUKA2
EVA302L is Vol. 3, file: 08ASUKA6
EVA303L is Vol. 2, file: 15ASUKA1
EVA304L is Vol. 3, file: 18MISAT3
EVA305L is Vol. 2, file: OPMISAT2
EVA306L is Vol. 1, file: OP_REI2
EVA307L is Vol. 4, file: 24OYAJI
EVA308L is Vol. 3, file: 17KAJI1
EVA309L is Vol. 3, file: 18HIKAR3
EVA310L is Vol. 3, file: 17UNIZO1
EVA311L is Vol. 2, file: EVA043
EVA312L is Vol. 3, file: 05EVA000
EVA313L is Vol. 3, file: 18IBUKI2
EVA314L is Vol. 2, file: 12REI3
EVA315L is Vol. 4, file: 26PEN2
EVA316L is Vol. 4, file: EVA074
EVA317L is Vol. 4, file: 06PEN20
EVA318L is Vol. 2, file: OP_REI2
EVA319L is Vol. 2, file: 11IBUKI1
EVA320L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA023
EVA321L is Vol. 4, file: 08MISAT5
EVA322L is Vol. 2, file: OPRITKO2
EVA323L is Vol. 3, file: 08BOX1
EVA324L is Vol. 2, file: 13RITKO1
EVA325L is Vol. 3, file: 16MISAT7
EVA326L is Vol. 1, file: 09UNIZO4
EVA327L is Vol. 2, file: OPENV3
EVA328L is Vol. 2, file: 10EVA021
EVA329L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA6
EVA330L is Vol. 4, file: 26HIKAR0
EVA331L is Vol. 2, file: 14HUYUZ1
EVA332L is Vol. 1, file: EVA026L
EVA333L is Vol. 2, file: EVA048
EVA334L is Vol. 1, file: 03RITKO0
EVA335L is Vol. 3, file: 05SINJI2
EVA336L is Vol. 1, file: 09MISAT0
EVA337L is Vol. 2, file: 06REI1
EVA338L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA031
EVA339L is Vol. 4, file: 21MISAT1
EVA340L is Vol. 1, file: 05REI0
EVA341L is Vol. 4, file: 24KAORU6
EVA342L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA035
EVA343L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA014
EVA344L is Vol. 1, file: 01EVA011
EVA345L is Vol. 1, file: OP_GEND5
EVA346L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA7
EVA347L is Vol. 2, file: OPEVA022
EVA348L is Vol. 2, file: 08ASUKA1
EVA349L is Vol. 3, file: 16HOS2
EVA350L is Vol. 2, file: 13IBUKI2
EVA351L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA002
EVA352L is Vol. 3, file: 16SINJI7
EVA353L is Vol. 2, file: 07MISAT5
EVA354L is Vol. 4, file: 24KAORU5
EVA355L is Vol. 4, file: 09UNIZOD
EVA356L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA015
EVA357L is Vol. 1, file: 09RITKO1
EVA358L is Vol. 2, file: EVA030
EVA359L is Vol. 3, file: 18PEN21
EVA360L is Vol. 3, file: 18HIKAR4
EVA361L is Vol. 1, file: 04SINJI3
EVA362L is Vol. 1, file: EVA008
EVA363L is Vol. 1, file: 07MISAT3
EVA364L is Vol. 2, file: 13REI1
EVA365L is Vol. 3, file: 16ASUKA9
EVA366L is Vol. 4, file: 26SINJI7
EVA367L is Vol. 1, file: OP_NAZO2
EVA368L is Vol. 3, file: 22ITEM1
EVA369L is Vol. 2, file: 10ASUKA2
EVA370L is Vol. 2, file: EVA055
EVA371L is Vol. 3, file: 05SEA1
EVA372L is Vol. 2, file: EVA050
EVA373L is Vol. 3, file: 08EVA021
EVA374L is Vol. 3, file: 17TOHJI1
EVA375L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA001
EVA376L is Vol. 1, file: EVA018L
EVA377L is Vol. 2, file: EVA036
EVA378L is Vol. 2, file: OPPLUG1
EVA379L is Vol. 3, file: EVA062
EVA380L is Vol. 3, file: 18EVA032
EVA381L is Vol. 2, file: EVA045
EVA382L is Vol. 2, file: EVA056
EVA383L is Vol. 4, file: EVA084
EVA384L is Vol. 2, file: EVA054
EVA385L is Vol. 1, file: EVA007L
EVA386L is Vol. 3, file: 22STAT1
EVA387L is Vol. 3, file: 16SINJI3
EVA388L is Vol. 3, file: 16HOS1
EVA389L is Vol. 2, file: EVA039X
EVA390L is Vol. 2, file: EVA038
EVA391L is Vol. 4, file: EVA079
EVA392L is Vol. 2, file: EVA051
EVA393L is Vol. 4, file: 26SINJI3
EVA394L is Vol. 2, file: 12EVA022
EVA395L is Vol. 1, file: OPEVA001
EVA396L is Vol. 3, file: 18ASUKA3
EVA397L is Vol. 2, file: OPEVA01D
EVA398L is Vol. 3, file: 16STAT1
EVA399L is Vol. 2, file: EVA052
EVA400L is Vol. 2, file: 11CHILD1
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Re: [Merch] Daily Selection CD

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Postby AR-99 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:15 pm

View Original PostdeeRez wrote:Is the CD worth getting for a collector?
I can definitely answer regarding if it's worth getting:
No, the answer is No.

But, but...IT'S EVA!!! If you consider yourself a collector, you MUST HAVE IT! :tongue:

Or make it a low, low priority item below everything else.
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