Parallels between Unit Null and the Super Evangelion

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Parallels between Unit Null and the Super Evangelion

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Postby Blockio » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:44 pm

While I was brwosing through some NGE artworks, I realised something that I dont think has been noticed by someone before:

The armor layout of Unit Null from Another Impact is very similar to the armor layout on the Anima Super Evangelion, apart from the shoulder pylons and some things on the helmet (the overall shape is still very similar)
SPOILER: Show ... 0421193026

The parts that are most striking to me are the shoes, legs and forehead, which are virtually the same

There are some differences, of course, but still enough similarities so they somewhat resemble each other

Plus, if one was to take this one step further, that could mean that Unit Null was supposed to be a superior version of Unit 01... maybe it even was the ominous Unit/Mark 07 that we have never heard anything of
(Sorry if I am missing anything big, Ive never really dug into anima and I dont plan on doing so until there is a translated version of it)
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