[RPG] Evangelion RPG! - Searching for new players! come one come all!

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[RPG] Evangelion RPG! - Searching for new players! come one come all!

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Postby Hark » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:41 pm

Greetings i am looking for people who wish to join a Evangelion "tabletop" RPG

i have been wanting to do this for a while and since my real life rpg group does not seem interested in it , i have come to the real fans of the show to see if anyone would like to join.
m sure all of you if not most of you ever thought of what you would do in the universe of evangelion, well now its your chance to turn the angels into a bloody pulp! or die trying to anyways .....orrr not fight them at all ! the world is your sandbox !

Don't be shy!
i encourage all people to come and try out playing , whether your a veteran to the Rpg's or totally new and inexperienced, you will have fun either way.

the game setting is after second impact

you shall make your own characters and give them there own unique personality's, traits, quirks ,flaws , backstory ,etc. they can even be based on yourself.

i will be using the rpg system of "adeptus evangelion" as the framework of the game.

i will be using the website roll20 for game maps , so you can fight the angels properly.

i will also be using discord for voice chat, since this game will include multiple people.

the times i will host the game will be decided on when the majority of players are available to play , and will be discussed.

new players/ players that need help on making there characters will be assisted by me, your GM for the game.

i shall give either a link or a pdf file of the game system once i have a modest group of people who wish to join.

i am not saying people cannot play a character from the show , but i would recommend that people would not , due to the fact of people saying " but they would not do that" or something of the like. but as with all things it can be discussed.

(i am not all to certain of if my game will include the shows cast of characters, but i will give choices that people will vote on that will decide to put them in or not.)
(1)- yes i would love the characters from the series to be in the game (wont follow cannon)(different "universe" with different chain of events)
(2)- no this is my story. aint no one need to tell me to get in the robot , ill do it my self.
(3)- maybe so , you don't mind other players playing characters from the show
(4)- undecided "i don't know what i want!"

you do not need to put in for any vote right away.

are you up to all the trials and tribulations cast your way to save all mankind? will you get in the robot?
just reply to the thread or PM me if you are up to it and wish to join /wish to ask questions about the game.

if you cannot message me in the ways listed above my email is overgod.ao@gmail.com
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