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Re: You Can Start Again

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Postby jcmoorehead » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:10 am

View Original PostC.T.1290 wrote:I'm also surprised he didn't give Shinji the cold shoulder or blamed him for the Impacts like the others did. Speaking of the others, why is it that these people aren't giving him the same treatment as he had in 3.33? I'm also wondering why Burke was so willing to take Shinji in despite knowing what he's done.

Looking forward to the next chapters.

Kensuke seems like the sort of guy who would believe in Shinji and continue to do so. So I can believe him not giving Shinji the cold shoulder.

As for the others, I suppose that Shinji has been back for months now and they've had a chance to see he isn't really a risk to them. They're also probably privy to more truths than others have have gave him the cold shoulder and realize he either wasn't entirely to blame or know the extreme circumstances behind it.

For Burke, he knew what Shinji had done but also knew just what Shinji was and it was established he and Kaji did have plans for Shinji. So he probably felt some sympathy for Shinji.

Those are just my guesses though. Cy might have different reasons of their own.

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