Translating the S2 Works Booklet (or some of it)

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Translating the S2 Works Booklet (or some of it)

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Postby FrDougal9000 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:42 am

The soundtrack to Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my all time favourite soundtracks, and the man who composed them, Shiro Sagisu, is one of my all time favourite composers. Because of that, I'd like to to find interviews with him or his comments on music he's worked on, but I tend to come up unlucky. Either I can't find something, or I can but it's in Japanese. So, I thought I'd try and ask for your help in translating one of those comments. The Evangelion Wiki (not the Evageeks one) contains scans for the S2 Works album, which contains every music track composed/arranged by Sagisu for the original TV series and films.

Those scans are of the booklet included with the album. As far as I know, the only thing to be translated from that booklet are the song titles and the music menu (as seen in this almost-decades old overview of the album on this very website: There are other pages, which feature English and Japanese lyrics for the EoE vocal songs (well, Komm Susser Tod, Everything You Ever Dreamed and Thanatos), a list of the recording sessions along with what songs were recorded in each session and when they happened, and a few pages full of writing.

It's the latter I'm primarily interested in, so if anyone who reads Japanese can look over these and give them a translation, that would be very much appreciated. (You can zoom into the images at very high quality, so you should be able to clearly discern the text.)

Pages 18/19
Pages 20/21
Page 22

If someone decides to do this, thank you so much. Have a great day!
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