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Re: [TV] BoJack Horseman

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Postby TheCarkolum » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:53 am

View Original PostGendo'sPapa wrote:Oh Season 4 is very needed. The story of BoJack is far from over.

That depends on how you wanna conclude the series. I think if you wanna finish with Bojack running away to the wilderness, escaping from his past and his relatives after "committing" suicide, It's fine. I mean, his interactions with the other characters seems pretty concluded (the cat has forgotten Bojack, the bum realised that Bojack's friendship is not worth it,
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...). It would be a pretty accurate final to the series. Maybe we don't know the entire resolution of Bojack's life, but... so what? It doesn't mean the concusion would be bad. Trying to explain everything that happened in a series is a risk sometimes. You know, this season's final was almost perfect. With any season, you take the risk of putting the series into a decline. Honestly, if no seasons were running anymore, I wouldn't complain too much.
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