Ford Overdubs Anime

Yeah. You read right. This is for everything that doesn't have anything to do with Eva.

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Ford Overdubs Anime

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Postby DarkBluePhoenix » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:37 pm

Well, I looked at the forum, and I couldn't find a thread on this, but while waiting for a youtube video to load, an interesting commercial came up while I was waiting...
Sailor Moon’s Ford Fusion Dream

Literally could not stop laughing and my ass off.

Turns out Ford has done a few of these, using DBZ and Metal Gear Solid too, the links are below.

The Ultimate Wish Is Granted
Witness An Unbelievable Fusion
A Codec Call to Remember
A Meeting with Psycho Mantis
The Planeteers Unite

I do wish they'd do an Evangelion one though, Misato and Ford Fusion would be funny as hell...
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