Dead Rising (series)

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Dead Rising (series)

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Postby Kaminoyouni » Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:02 pm

So Dead Rising four special edition got announced recently and saw there wasn't a thread for the series yet. So I figured what the hell.

I remember back when the first game released on the 360 and the big confusion of whether the game had any ties with the Dawn of the Dead remake. To the point where Capcom had to put and official statement on the game box saying it had nothing to do with the movie.

I never have gone back and played the first dead rising for any amount of time, I only played the 2nd game on 360 to at least get the S ending.

Recently got the digital version of Dead Rising 2 off of the PSN for Ps4. Game looks good but holy crap, this port crashes, A LOT. I can't believe this was allowed to release in a such a state.
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