Help Monk Fix Bug: Site Preview Wackiness

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Help Monk Fix Bug: Site Preview Wackiness

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Postby Monk Ed » Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:55 am

In linking someone on Discord to my latest RML post, I discovered that the site preview reads weirdly. The text was
Site preview text on Discord wrote:Yeah. You read right. This is for everything that doesn't have anything to do with Eva.,Everything is Rockin'! [RML Thread 4], discussion of neon genesis evangelion

Obviously this is a combination of the forum description, the topic title, and whatever that "discussion of" substring represents. I'm not sure as of this writing where this is generated, but I wanna fix it, cuz it looks ugly. :lol:

ITT I ask other users to see if the same thing or similar happens on various services they use that try to show some kind of preview.
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