Who do you think Neagan chose?

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Who do you think Neagan chose?

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Postby zlink64 » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:19 pm

During talking dead one of the creators said that there are hints to who Neagan chose to kill in the final episode of season 6. I didn't notice many so I was wondering if you anyone thinks they noticed any hints.

The only thing I noticed was that Eugene gave away the recipe for bullet making meaning he is less essential to the future since others can make bullets now but that seemed so obvious that I feel like it was a red herring.

I'm thinking Maggie might die since her pregnancy seem to be effecting a lot of the characters. Like her pregnancy is like a symbol of hope to them. The creators said the death would have repercussions and change a lot in the future. I imagine her death would change a lot them.
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