Deathnote live tv series

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Deathnote live tv series

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Postby Defectron » Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:18 pm

So yeah been watching this, so far I think their taking the story in some kind of weird directions. They made a lot of changes to the characters.

Light: Light was a fan of Misa before becoming Kira,, he is also a bit less smart at least in the earlier episodes. He seems to have it together less then the other versions of his character. He is also more sympathetic towards Misa in this version due to being her fan.

L: L is a neat freak in this version, he also likes to pull a Mitsugi by taking his shirt off a lot. I find it kinda odd that L would be a neat freak since original L was kind of the opposite of that.

Near & Mello: One thing that kind of annoyes me about deathnote adaptations is they tend to give Mello the shaft in changing his story arc in ways that kind of don't work. It looks like this wont be an exception tothat Because Mello in this version is sort of like the batman villain scarface the puppet and Near is the puppeteer whose split personality is Mello. How will that even work once we get passed the L arcs?

Raye Penber: Raye Pender is a pseaudonym and his real name I forget what it was, also Naomi Misora appears not to exist here. Now "Raye" created some plotholes in this, Because he faked his death without knowing how he was supposed to die then he was killed inyet another plothole by having misa be conventiently waiting to take him out.

They also replaced Okita with a token girl on the Kira investigation team. If they were going to do that they should just used Naomi Misora instead of making someone up.

Mogi is played by the guy who played Mad Holy in Blue Blazes so everytime he's on screen I'm like "oh hey its Mad Holy"

o overall I would have to say so far this is probably going to not be a very good adaptation. Now that I think of it the only deathnote adapation I cared for was the anime and even that jumped the shark pretty hard after ep 25. Though I have not seen the deathnote musical yet though so I suppose I can't really comment ont he quality of that adaptation.
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