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Postby Jimbob » Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:44 pm

View Original PostGendo'sPapa wrote:^ If Anno wasn't a good storyteller you wouldn't be here.

Speak for yourself buddy. It's possible for something to be very popular without a good story. The visuals, the music, because some so and so big shot in involved.

In my case I'm just here for the robots and the monsters. I think Eva's story is crap and Anno is a hack, but I still get some enjoyment from other parts of Eva.

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Postby El Squibbonator » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:57 pm

I'm feeling anxious too, but for a subtlety different reason. I'm fine with the series ending. What bothers me is how it ends. We know from the third movie that the Studio Khara folks have no intention whatsoever of making this predictable. No one could have guessed that the time skip was coming, and I'm willing to guess that the fourth movie will contain something that none of us will be predicting too. And not knowing what that might be, but at the same time knowing that it will happen, is what makes me nervous about the fourth movie.
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Postby Ray » Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:55 pm

View Original Postxanderkh wrote:If everything was "easy" Ray, whether it's a goal or storytelling, would it really be worth doing if I could just snap my fingers and get what I want?

I'm not asking for things to be easy for Shinji. Just less bleak. . . I mean seriously he had a hard enough time connecting to others before he accidentally turned Japan into core material. Every other main character in every other work of fiction makes some progress, why does Anno keep resetting the poor kid to square one? No, forget resetting him to square one, throwing the board out and banning him from playing the game at all. Why? Just to shame the hardcore Otaku for daring to empathize with him? To make a point about how free will doesn't exist?

From my experience, it's more rewarding if you overcome the difficult route, and Shinji WILL overcome it, cause what would honestly be the point if all this shit happens to him, and it doesn't show ANY growth, even the tiniest. Even EoE showed his growth when he gave back the world. :)

Not every story is about a main character overcoming his problems, or has a happy ending. Like the great Greek Tragedies. Or real world stories of people in gruesome situations, and after all Shinji has been through if Anno is going to keep any kind of believable emotional realism to the Rebuilds, he better have a very good plan. Or else after everything he's done, everything he's suffered, it's not going to come off as believable

That is a nice form to say than sometimes Anno is not a very good Storyteller.

I don't necessarily agree with the story from a message and a story choice perspective. But I respect it and enjoy it because it challenges me on a level most other works of fiction fail at. I can respect him for that, and say he's a good storyteller for taking risks.
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Postby skulkidcachi90 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:17 pm

View Original PostRay wrote:I don't necessarily agree with the story from a message and a story choice perspective. But I respect it and enjoy it because it challenges me on a level most other works of fiction fail at. I can respect him for that, and say he's a good storyteller for taking risks.

I like than Anno is taking risk and everything but that can be Counter-productive.
Because for a lot of people the Rebuild Series is an ambitious project, but at the same time is equally failed.

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Postby xanderkh » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:25 pm

As I said once before, Evangelion isn't some social bible that states people should act or treat others like how they're presented in the movies.

Anno tells a lot of things about life that are right to adhere to, but at the same time he can also be just as wrong in such values. It's all about perspective depending on the people, and Anno knows this and wants us to think of our own values. You can agree with him, but you can disagree with him just as much.

All he wants you to do, is THINK. :)
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Postby Sailor Star Dust » Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:52 pm

On that note, I'm gonna close up this thread.

The last 2 pages especially are the same old back and forth of "Shinji's screwed" vs "No he isn't" you see pop up in countless Rebuild threads these days.

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