Do you want FINAL to be it or do you want a new show?

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Postby Gob Hobblin » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:12 pm

I was highly bemused by that ending. I'll be interested to hear what you think.

Personally, I see no problem with a new TV series. I mean, how many alternate continuities of Evangelion do we already have? Like...a dozen? All 'official' (in that they are sanctioned Gainax products)?

Heck, do a new series. It can be argued (within the original canon of the show) that reality exists as a multiverse, so there's nothing 'wrong' with doing multiple Eva franchises. The only problem I would have with that is that they might realize they could put any crap out there and slap 'Eva' on it, and it'll be like printing money.

That's the only caveat I would have: give me more Eva, but put some work into it. If you can't, then don't give it.
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Postby Ray » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:38 pm

Blasphemy ! I want my "Shinji Ikari Raising Project" Anime!
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Postby Nuclear Lunchbox » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:44 pm

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Postby Pen-Pen02 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:47 pm

Definitely, Anno doesn't want a final for EVA (maybe some Evafans want the same XD) and I'm sure he won't finish it. EVA always was a story involved on mistery and Anno wants to keep it in that way forever. If he finishes it, all is over for franchise and maybe EVA just could become in another predictable anime (I don't think so, but some new fans could consider this). Well, if EVA's story must finish, some situations for conclude it could be:

- Shinji recovers his faith in himself, becomes a mature adult and fights for his hapiness.
- Shinji finally confronts his father and forgives him. Yes, he forgives him. That could be the only way to destroy this vicious circle of resentment and be free.
- Shinji finally decides just for a love (Rei, Asuka or Kaworu) and stays with this person despite all the problems this relation could have. (Now, Rei II and Kaworu are dead and Shinji's soul is broken so, he will need some time for this). In the future could be Asuka (I think she continues loving him) or ReiQ, who knows. But I hardly think that Anno wants to close this traditional "love triangle" between Rei (any clone), Shinji and Asuka (specially for fans). I don't know if for Shinji is important that Rei is a clone's Yui, but in Rebuild all is about them (they have a past story together). Asuka is just a secondary character. Logically, Shinji will stay with Rei, well I think so. All it depends of audience, but the last word has Anno.

Whatever, Rebuild's final I think just be Rebuild's final and no NGE final. They are diferents for me, they are two separate stories so that's not a problem. Personally, I would like a definitive final for Rebuild. NGE had his own final and I think it was fine like that way. But as a fan, I would like a new show but for NGE, not Rebuild. Not make sense for me to know about the past 14 years for Wille and Nerv. Finally Gendo could explain it in some way through his plans. Now, I'm most interested about the future, not the past (specially Shinji's future). The only thing I want to know is about Asuka and her eye, but maybe it could be explain through the show, without use a flashback.

For other hand, I don't know if there is a thread in this foro about relation between Rebuild's Asuka and Rei (but in general terms, not only Rebuild 2). This is because I think it could be an interesting part for Rebuild's final (in my opinion). In NGE, they never got close (as a kind of friends) or had a good relation. But in Rebuild it's different. Since Rebuild 2.0, Asuka had resentment to Rei because of Shinji and finally she had to resign but not for her own. For her, she didn't have any possibilities front to Ayanami. She just had to do it because she had not chances. She stayed with a bitter sense in her lips at final, despite the fact she said it was fine living with others (well, it's just my POV) and finally occurs Bardiel's incident. Well, at the begining when I saw the scene when Asuka decides to live for fighting with EVA, I noticed a kind of "farewell" to Misato (like a presentiment) that she won't return anymore (when she phones her). Then, I couldn't avoid to think if she didn't fight stronger with Bardiel because she was sad about Shinji (maybe, precisely her sadness could make her more vulnerable) and she was left attack for him. Now, I wonder... In Rebuild 3 she knows that Rei is a clone (she said Ayanami serie, I think)... but does she know she is a Rei's clone or a Yui's clone? Also, Rei is her enemy and not at the same time... A good final could be also to know how could be their relationship after all these circumstances.
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