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Postby ObsessiveMathsFreak » Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:40 pm

Working off ran1's suggestion about the scribbles and stickers, I've implemented a "sticker" system for the laptop border. Image files can now be placed around the edges of the laptop to embellish it somewhat. An example of the system in action can again be seen on the Character Portal page. The laptop border has been altered slightly to better accommodate the "stickers".

The template calls for stickers are a little tricky, and essentially require that the height and width of the image be specified. There are in fact four kinds of sticker template, for placing stickers on the left, right, top and bottom of the laptop border. The templates have variables which allow stickers can be placed virtually anywhere along the perimeter(And technically into an out of the screen). An example with more stickers can be seen here.

Currently, I've only uploaded a single sticker, the one from Maya's laptop, owing to my inability to produce artworks of sufficient quality. It would be nice to get more if there are artistically minded people who feel up to the task.

In keeping with the Class 2-A theme, the most useful types of stickers would be
a) The type of thing you would expect to see on a classroom laptop and
b) Evangelion themed.
The system supports transparency in png files, and technically even gifs could be used.

Essentially, two types of sticker are needed. Stickers of width ~80px for the sides and stickers of height ~35px for the top and bottom sections. As can be seen from the second example, it's possible for stickers to run outside the boundaries of the edge, and while serious transgressions should be discouraged, the possibility exists for fridge magnet style embellishments, or memos/post its, etc. Things like ink blots, gum, graffiti and eva themed scribbles(a la the chalkboard) would also be good. Something like stickers of the Angels, Evas or AT-Field would also work I think. Basically, I'm grateful for what I can get.

If anyone can provide such "stickers" or other embellishments for this system, I'd be very grateful. With enough of them, the many uses of the laptop across the site will hopefully avoid stagnancy and give each page a unique feel. Unless there are any serious objections to it,
I'm hoping to use the laptop frame system for the site "navigation" pages—that is, the portal pages—and hopefully the stickers as well.

So, apart from your art donations, what are people's thoughts on this? Is this makeover working out?
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