[Fic] After The Machine Stops

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[Fic] After The Machine Stops

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Postby Enki v.2 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:18 am

After The Machine Stops

"The MAGI rule the city, of course. It is the essence of democracy, tuned down to its most efficent level." Somehow, remembering that, I still don't feel at ease. We once wondered, back when we first saw their True Form, if the Evas were really human -- if they were really on our side, or if they wanted revenge for their imprisonment. Couldn't the same be said of the Machine -- who now has not even the freedom to run through green and flowering fields?

The Machine stops. That is what it said. An old story, and an older theme. Old hat. Cliche, even.

Perhaps the cliche should have been heeded, despite the absurd camp that surrounds it.

Should we have heeded the copy-pasted warnings grabbed from the headlines and trailers? The Forbin Project... War Games... Plan 9... Golem... The modern prometheus.

Or is it us? Is it our fault?

Perhaps, had those ideas not been so cliche, not been so deeply embedded inside that we ignore and mock them on the outside, our self-fulfilling prophecy would not have been spoken?

The dog barks. The moon rises. The flowers bloom. The Machine stops.

The tragedy of annihilation is the joy of rebirth.

Isn't that right... Mother?

Use the Source, Luke!

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