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Postby EvaCub » Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:10 pm

Reichu wrote:
(1) What do you like about Evangelion the most? (I.e., what are your favorite aspects of the show?)
(2) The inverse.
(3) What would you consider your foci and/or "specialties"?

I'm Evacub
Evangelion revolutionized my life
completly blew my mind and made me revaluate my beliefs
1.Symbolism, Tragedy, and the Psychological stuff
2.Eva makes you overanalyze for answers in a way
3.Watching the series and taaking notes on the less important aspects of the show such as Misato's favorite beer, the boxes Shinji and Misato use to move in to thier apartment. I also like talking about the relavant symbolism in the show
My Anime List
Apjak:"Basically, to make an A.T. field gun, you'd have to make a gun that fires Evangelions. Not a very efficient use.
SailorStarDust:"No, everything has SOME meaning to it in Eva!"
Reichu on Sequel Theory:lights bandwagon on fire again:

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