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Postby Reichu » Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:21 am

Hexon.Arq wrote:Just out of curiosity, Reichu, since you obviously know more about this stuff than I, do you have any idea where, if anywhere, the roots of the Luciferian legend might be found? The story of Lucifer being cast out of Heaven and becoming Satan is such a widespread myth, and yet it's not even in the Bible. I've always figured that something so prevalent must be inscribed somewhere. We're in too mature an age to still be relying on word-of-mouth.

Indeed! Behold, the power of the Internet!

Even though I go around treating Sammael and Satan as the same dude, "Sammael" is non-Biblical AFAIK. Still, the ideas behind him this dude seem to mesh pretty well with the Christian Devil. (Overall, the Bible is pretty devoid of 'cool angel stuff', so, suffice to say, all of my research way-back-when was spent reading the Jewish literature.)

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